AT&T Finally Releasing Jelly Bean For The HTC One X

We can’t imagine owners of the AT&T HTC One X being too happy when HTC releases the One X+ so soon after the original. But at least the incoming Jelly Bean update would bridge the gap right? Sense 4+ with its new features and an almost current software version would ease the pain. Unfortunately not, as AT&T’s One X remained on Ice Cream Sandwich far too long.

Today, AT&T is finally pushing the Jelly Bean update to its One X customers. It took a while, but at least it’s here now. Jelly Bean comes with all the standard stuff, like Project Butter, Google Now, expandable notifications, and many improvements. On top of that, Sense 4+ offers a few improvements like an improved camera app and some new features here and there. It’s a good update so you should grab it now. Go to Settings > About phone > Check for updates and tell us if you find anything cool!

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