Babble May Be Google’s Unified Chat Service

Google’s messaging services may all be good in their own way, but they’re a mess. Google Talk is light and quick, but far too barebones. It is not the texting replacement iMessage or BBM do well as. Google Hangouts for video messaging are just awesome, and work better than anything I have ever tried. Then there is Google+ chat and many other services all over the place. Making good services doesn’t matter when they’re all split into a hundred pieces.

Luckily, Google seems to know this. Rumors are flying around that they are planning to unify all of these services and call it all Babble. It will allow you to message, share photos, start Hangouts, and all that in one place. And if the Google Talk Android app is updated with these improvements, I’m sure everyone will appreciate that. Google needs a definitive chat service to please Android users, and it might be coming.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when it’s coming. Some say we will see Babble at Google I/O, so it may be very soon. We can’t wait, can you?

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