Bluetooth SIG Listing Shows Up For HTC 6445LVW, Could Be Verizon’s HTC One


Verizon was mysteriously left out of the party for carriers who are getting a crack at the HTC One. But if a new Bluetooth SIG listing is correct, it appears that Verizon could be getting their own One variant as well. A device listed as the HTC 6445LVW has shown up and while we can’t be sure that it’s the One, it seems quite likely that it could be. For instance, the Droid DNA was labeled as the HTC 6435LVW so this looks to be higher-end model that’s been rumored as the DLXPLUS while the Droid DNA was rumored as just the DLX. So it seems like the One could be the successor to the DNA and possibly the next iteration of the Droid Incredible line.

If this is true, then we’ll probably see something at a special event from HTC and Verizon with a tweaked design to fit better into the Droid line as well as a different name. The HTC Droid Incredible One is a mouthful but it sounds a heck of a lot like a name that Verizon would use. If the HTC One did come out in some form on Verizon, would you buy it? Or are you more interested in the upcoming Galaxy S IV? Opinions are always welcome in the comments below.

Pocketnow, Bluetooth SIG

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