comScore Results For January Are In, Show Slight Decline For Android

Every time we see statistics about the mobile world, they’re a bit different. Even in the same month, two different reports will have two sets of information. However, comScore seems to be the standard these days, and their numbers for the three month period ending in January are up. As you can see, Android took a small hit while iOS is still growing at a fast rate. Everyone else, as expected, is dropping.

On the company front, Samsung and Apple are both growing, Apple growing faster and in the lead at almost two times the market share. HTC and Motorola market share is dropping, while LG managed to grab a bit of market share, raising it up to 7%. Things aren’t changing much, but it’s interesting to see comScore reporting that Android market share has dropped. Is this the end of Android as we know it? I’m just joking, calm down.


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