CruzerLite Franco Kernel TPU Case For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Video Review

CruzerLite Franco Kernel Case 1

Today we’re checking out the CruzerLite Franco Kernel TPU Case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I’m reviewing this case on a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which I hear has slightly different dimensions than a GSM unlocked GNex, but I’m told that doesn’t matter.  CruzerLite’s cases will apparently fit both.  This case fits my device great.  I’ve also been told by CruzerLite that their cases will fit around the OEM extended battery back but I can’t confirm that myself.

If you’re not familiar with Franco.Kernel, then you likely aren’t modding your Nexus device.  Franco.Kernel updater is a very popular (top 100 paid Google Play app) app for downloading and tweaking your custom Franco kernel for Nexus devices.  I’m not currently running Franco.Kernel on my GNex, but I am running it on my Nexus 7 and love it.  I think it’s made a big difference for the device after the Android 4.2 update.  Regardless, this isn’t a Franco.Kernel review, this is a CruzerLite case review.

The stunning Franco.Kernel graphic on this CruzerLite case may not appeal to everyone, but this review can also give you an idea of what CruzerLite’s other graphic cases (their Persona line) may look and feel like on your GNex.  This case actually has a very different feel to most all of the other CruzerLite cases I’ve reviewed.  It has a bit of a matte (can you use matte to describe texture?) texture to it, and is definitely less grippy than the CruzerLite TPU cases with the glossy smooth finish.  This may be a plus for you.  When I showed the case to my wife, she loved it and wants me to get her one for her Galaxy Note II.  For myself, I’m not in love with this feel.  I think I prefer the grip level the naked GNex back provides.

CruzerLite Franco Kernel Galaxy Nexus Case 2

As we go around the case, the graphic represents the Franco.Kernel updater app you can find in the Google Play Store.  The Franco.Kernel chip in the middle of the back just looks awesome.  It’s seems like it’s almost 3D?  The more I look around the case the cooler it gets.  I wasn’t initially jazzed about a white case on my black GNex, but it’s really grown on me as I’ve left the case on for the review.  It’s just a really cool contrast and transition with the white to black.

Here are the pros and cons as I see it to this Franco Kernel CruzerLite case:


  • Great fit for the Sprint GNex (I don’t have a GSM GNex to try it out on, but I’ve been told it will fit)
  • All of the ports and buttons have cutouts for easy access and the cutouts are large enough for easy use with the case on.
  • Shock absorbent
  • Scratch resistant
  • Really cool Franco.Kernel graphic
  • You get to support an awesome developer
  • I really like the white case on the Galaxy Nexus, you may feel otherwise.  For now it’s a pro.
  • Easy to put on and remove


  • Grip level.  For me, I don’t love the texture and grip level the case offers.  However, my wife loves it, so just go with what you like.  I have it in the con category.
  • I wish the case was a little thinner.  It being thick is probably good to drop protection, but me being a guy who prefers no case, if I were to use this case on a daily basis I wish it was thinner.  The thickness is in no way unreasonable though.
  • After using the case for 24 hours, it seems like there is some discoloration on the edges.  This is a white case and will be put in pockets and whatever so I’m not surprised.  This will depend on a lot of factors, but be aware it may discolor.

So, there you have it.  As far as a case goes, this Franco Kernel CruzerLite case fits the device well, looks awesome, and will protect the device.  It really makes me interested in checking out other cases in their Persona line.  So in my opinion it’s a winner.  Be sure to check out the video below for more angles and comments about the case.

You can pick up this case at and will set you back $18.00.  If you follow CruzerLite’s social media accounts they’re always sharing coupons and deals for their cases if you feel like the 18 bucks is steep.  Sometimes you need fork out the big bucks for cool looking quality stuff.  Let me know if you have any questions about it and I’ll do my best to answer them.  Also, let us know if you have this case, are thinking about getting it, or think it sucks.  Thanks for commenting!


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