CyanogenMod Serving Its Own Flavor Of Pie


So, the screenshot I show above isn’t actually CyanogenMod Pie, but some Paranoid Android Pie.  But, beginning yesterday, March 25th, “the two patches that enable this functionality were merged” so we should see this in upcoming CM nightlies.  I used Pie back when it was first implemented in PA, and loved the look of my Galaxy Nexus with an expanded desktop and LOVE the look of Pie.  It didn’t take too long to get used to the functionality of Pie, but it made my device basically unusable by others.  I ultimately left Pie because of issues I was having with the PA ROM at the time, but I’m excited to try out what CM has to offer.

Thanks to CM contributor Jens Doll, this Pie code has been implemented into CM 10.1.  CyanogenMod’s Google+ states, “Jens took the time to completely rewrite the code and has been working with our UI and UX team to get all the groundwork in for this much requested feature… As an added enhancement, Jens has also incorporated some additional ‘Pie’ functionality into the Phone UI. The code will allow for further expansion and enhancements, so expect more goodness to follow. For the time being, this should make for an excellent addition for all you Expanded Desktop users.”

So, I’m excited to check out some CM flavored Pie.  To check out if your device has a new enough CM 10.1 nightly to have Pie, head on over to  Or, if you’re already running CM, head on over to ‘About phone’ in your device settings and click on CyanogenMod updates.  There you can also check out the changelogs to see if Pie has been implemented in your most recent nightly.  My Sprint Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) hasn’t had a new update for a few days so I will wait patiently.  I’m not complaining. The people at CyanogenMod to great work and put out an awesome product.  Be sure to support your favorite developers in any way you can.

So, are you excited to try out Pie?  Have you already tried it on Paranoid Android?  Are you currently running Pie?  Love it? Hate it? Let us know how you feel by commenting below.

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