Galaxy S 4 Mini Spotted, Playing With Big Brother

Is the Galaxy S 4, Samsung’s new flagship, just too large for you? We understand, we really do. 5″ is quite a large size. However, for those of you wanting a smaller phone and don’t care about super high end specs, this might make you feel better. We have a sighting of the rumored Galaxy S 4 Mini. If you remember, the rumored lineup was called Project J, with three products. There was the S 4, the S 4 Mini, and what seemed to be a smartwatch. Exciting that this might actually come true, right?

The specs of the S 4 Mini are said to be a qHD Super AMOLED display (of unknown size, but looks to be 4.3 inches) and a 1.6GHz dual core processor. That’s definitely not too shabby if you can ignore what will most likely be a PenTile display. And with identical looks to the Galaxy S 4, I think it looks pretty snazzy. What do you guys think? Would you get one?


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