Galaxy S IV Cases Leaked Again, Different Design This Time

Last time we had Galaxy S IV cases leak, they were an utterly different (wide, square) shape. We didn’t want to believe that they were real, and from what we see today, we can be sure they aren’t. While we still don’t know what the Galaxy S IV looks like, we have had a previous leak showing the Galaxy S IV looking like this. And while we are extremely hesitant to trust ANY source for Galaxy S IV prototypes (remember, how well kept of a secret the Galaxy S III was?), this at least seems realistic.

The cases have the speaker hole where the Galaxy Note II has its speaker and the LED under the camera, to match recent leaks of the device. It’s also a fairly rounded look, not as rounded as the S III but not quite squared off. It’s actually pretty pleasant, especially compared to the old leaks. The cases are made of TPU and come in many colors. If this is how the S IV will look, we can’t say we mind. But we’ll find out for sure tomorrow!

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