Galaxy S IV Might Have An IR Blaster

IT168 has already managed to post a review of the still unannounced Samsung Galaxy S IV, and in that review, they mention something interesting. The black dot on the top, the bigger one that isn’t a secondary microphone, is said to be an IR blaster. An IR blaster let’s you control things like televisions and DVD players. Remote controls use infrared and this feature will allow you to use the device like a universal remote.

Samsung has a history of using IR blasters in their devices. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is the most recent device to get it, but the Galaxy S IV would be the first Samsung phone to have one. It’s been done well on other Samsung devices, so at least you know it’ll work. Would you be interested in an IR blaster, or is it a gimmick? Tell us in the comments!

IT168 | SamMobile

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