Galaxy S IV Won’t Be Made Of Exotic Material, Still Plastic

While Samsung phones are universally praised, we constantly see people calling them cheap. Well that simply isn’t true, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel cheap. They are made of thin plastic on the back, with a plastic bezel on the side. That’s not exactly “premium” construction, though it’s definitely not bad. They’re well built and very durable but don’t have the premium feel you’d get with some other phones.

Why does Samsung use plastic? There are many reasons. First of all, it’s durable. It bends instead of dents, it isn’t as easily scratched as metal, it’s more shock absorbent, it’s light, it’s cheap, and it’s easily molded. And considering how many phones they sell, they need something easily made. Plastic provides just that, along with easy access to the battery (a feature slowly fading, but being kept by Samsung so far).

This, along with many reasons, is why Samsung will continue to use plastic in their devices. It might not be the best feeling material in the world, but it works out well for everyone but the most picky. Plus, if it ever breaks, replace it.

Y.H. Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile, has said that Samsung will continue to use plastic in their devices, but will try to strike a balance between premium feel and practicality. We know they can make it feel better, as plastic phones have come before with the premium feel. We’ll find out soon!


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