Gameloft Releasing Iron Man 3 Themed Endless Runner April 25th

With Iron Man 3 coming to theaters in a short while, Gameloft decided that the best way to celebrate would be to release a game based on Iron Man! Except the game won’t have anything to do with the story of the movies, it’ll be an endless runner like Temple Run but with more action and some diverse environments, judging from the trailer.

Now I’m not bashing endless runners, they’re quite fun. And I’m sure Gameloft’s attempt will be good (hopefully free, or it’ll need something to offer over standard endless runners). But the Iron Man franchise could be so much more. It has potential for video games, even mobile ones. Still, we are anticipating this new game. It’ll launch April 25th, giving you a taste of Iron Man before the third movie comes out.

Android Police

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