GameStick Announces Its Own Game Store, Two Pre-loaded Titles

If you didn’t have enough to like about GameStick, they have announced more news to make the device much more appealing. The first is that the device will come with two titles pre-loaded, the titles being Smash Cop and the famous ShadowGun. It’s good to see such a big title on the device, free with your purchase. To make it even better, they announced that there will be a proprietary store to buy more games that are guaranteed to be optimized for the GameStick, so you won’t be downloading or buying games that simply won’t work with the controller.

The GameStick developer program has over 500 participants, so it looks like GameStick is legitimately gaining some traction and could see some good support. With a nice selection of titles already announced, like Riptide, it should be something more than vaporware. And for $80, it’s not a big investment. What do you guys think?


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