Google Announces Google+ App Update With Photo Editing And Community Control

With Google+ growing, the app needed improving. Luckily, Google announced the newest update to the app today, and it’ll come with a few very useful features. The first one is photo editing, courtesy of Snapseed. Some simple Snapseed editing features have been integrated into Google+, allowing you to do anything from crops to contrast and saturation with intuitive gestures. It’ll give photos in Google+ a more personal feel.

Then there is improved post navigation. Instead of having to press on each post to get the full content, Google made it so that posts will have more text and comments visible from the get go. And now that there is more content visible immediately, pressing photos or videos will take you directly to the photo/video viewer. Also, portrait photos will not be cropped anymore. And now, you can swipe through photo albums inline. All this makes it far easier to view content without having to go back and forth between posts and the feed.

If you want people to see exactly where you are, you can now enable a location setting that’ll display your current location to the very top of your Google+ profile. You can also choose who sees this location, so it can be semi-private. We aren’t quite sure why you would want this on all the time, but it’s always good to have options.

The last improvement is with Communities. Support for this feature so far has been lacking, so the new app will allow you to do a lot more. You’ll be able to invite people to communities, reshare posts with a community, and moderate content on the page. There is even a ban option now (which will be fun to abuse). Overall, it’s a very sizable update. It should be available on the Play Store (and App Store) sometime today, so keep an eye out for it!

Google | Android Police

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