Google Fiber Moving Outside Of Kansas City To Olathe, Kansas

Google Fiber may be the best thing to happen to home internet in a long time. With gigabit speeds for very low prices, along with TV service (and a free Nexus 7!), it’s the desire of many nerds and regulars alike. However, it’s limited to very few people. Kansas City has had Google Fiber for a while, but now Google is expanding to Olathe, Kansas. This expansion was approved by the Olathe City Council.

However, Google Fiber will take a while to set up. Obviously, they’ll need to do a lot of work to get it working for customers. They will soon announce timing and pre-registration for those who want in. But it’ll be worth the wait for the amazing service provided. How about San Francisco next, Google?

Google Fiber Blog | | Engadget

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