Google Glass App Recognizes People By Clothing, 3rd Party Development Accelerating

The basics of Google Glass are sound, but will they be all that useful? The answer is yes, if third party developers have anything to say about it. Development for third party apps is already started, and Duke University is working on something pretty cool. The software, called InSight, will recognize people by their clothing.

Yes, it’ll use the camera inside Glass to scan a crowd for a specific outfit (using color and patterns) to find a specific person. This of course requires a photo of the person in that outfit, but that can be acquired easily by asking. This could be a legitimately useful app if you’re meeting someone in a crowded area and they are willing to send you a photo to make finding each other easier.

Third party development is what will make Google Glass truly useful and we can’t wait to see what other developers will dream up for the device. What would you guys like to see be done with Glass?

Duke | Android and Me

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