Google Launches Same Day Delivery Service Trial In San Francisco Bay Area

The rumors of Google Shopping Express have turned into reality, as Google has not only announced the service, but also started a trial for it. Yes, residents of the Bay Area around San Francisco can now try Shopping Express for six months for free. Of course, you have to start by living in San Francisco or the Peninsula from San Mateo to San Jose.

Once you have picked up your house and moved to the Bay Area to be the first to test this service out, you just have to sign up by hitting the source link. But what does this service entail? It’s a lot like Amazon Prime, actually, where you can buy products from stores and get them delivered to you later that day. Shopping Express currently works with many stores like Target and Walgreens, while also supporting local shops like the Blue Bottle. All this shopping will happen in one place instead of being scattered around different sites.

The service is only available to a small amount of people, so hurry and sign up! Hit the source link for six months of free same day shipping, and hopefully you’ll get in. Are you excited?

Sign Up For Shopping Express | Google Commerce

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