Google Refreshes Mobile Gmail Page, Offline Version With iOS Style UI


If you’re longing for a refreshed look for Gmail’s mobile web and offline pages, your wish is coming true with a newly announced refresh. Google announced the refresh via their Gmail Google+ page stating:

Since launching the rebooted Gmail app for iPhone and iPad in December, we’ve heard from many of you that you like the redesigned UI, along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar. Today we’re rolling out a similar refreshed look to the Gmail mobile web app as well as Gmail Offline that includes many of these same changes.

The update is another clear sign that Google is integrating iOS design cues into their entire network of apps and services which likely spells a refresh for Android in the future. The update is equally noteworthy for users of Amazon’s Kindle Fire series, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone devices all of which rely on mobile sites in place of official app clients.

How would you feel about this design coming with the next major Android OS release?

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