Google Releases New Chrome Experiment Called World Wide Maze

Ever wanted to roll around your favorite web site in a giant maze? Now you can! With World Wide Maze, you take control of a marble and enter your favorite site (DroidDog of course!) and Google Chrome will turn that site into a big, multi level maze! This Chrome Experiment syncs Chrome on your computer and your mobile device (whether it’s Android or of another persuasion) and lets your phone be the controller. To get around, you just tilt your device around.

Your mission is to get to a goal at a certain part of the maze. Along the way, you’ll be collecting gems and getting into elevators. If you feel daring start jumping between platforms. But it’s a fun little game you should definitely try out. Hit the source link for instructions on how to connect your device (I suggest using the link method). And tell us what you think!

World Wide Maze | The Verge

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