Google Removes All Ad Blockers From The Play Store

Bad news for those who hate giant, intrusive ads. Ad blocking apps are being removed from the Play Store by none other than Google itself. We get that ad blockers do a lot of damage (hell, that’s where most sites get funding, so turn off your ad blockers for us!), but being removed from the Play Store? That’s pretty extreme for an open platform, especially since these apps aren’t malicious.

Jared Rummler (jrummy) received a message from Google, as did the developers of AdAway. AdFree is also gone, so you ad block using folks are completely out of luck. You can still get these apps from other sources, but we didn’t expect Google to start taking down apps like that. What do you think of the situation? Should Google be taking down apps? Or should there be no section of the Developer Distribution Agreement that blocks simple ad blocking apps? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

AdAway | Twitter: Jared Rummler