Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt Says Chrome OS, Android Will Stay Separate


With Andy Rubin stepping down from his role as the head of the Android platform as it comes under a single umbrella with ChromeOS, there has been some immediate thought that the two platforms could merge. That won’t be case says Google’s former CEO and now Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Speaking at Google’s Big Tent event in India, Schmidt stated that both Android and Chrome will “remain separate for a very long time, because they solve different problems.” Schmidt may have ruled out an outright joining of the two platforms in the near term, but he did say there would be more “commonality” between them. Will that one day allow for ChromeOS to run Android apps? We sure hope so but any speculation at this point is just that, speculation.

Along with his comments on a joint Android/ChromeOS platform, Schmidt said neither platform would be abandoned in light of Google Reader’s fate. Schmidt’s own comments do contradict his own statements in February 2011, when he stated that Chrome and Android would absolutely join together:

“We’re working overtime to get those technologies merged in the right way,” he said at the time, but added: “I learned a long time ago, don’t force technology to merge when it’s not ready, wait for the technology to mature to the point when it can be merged.”

Our takeaway? This merger of Google’s two software platforms will happen, it just won’t happen overnight.

TechCrunch via Reuters 

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