HP Slate 7 Delayed Two Months, Available June

HP’s Slate 7 may not be the most high end tablet (in fact, it’s pretty darn low end), but its price may justify the sacrifices. It will retail at only $169, which is pretty cheap for a tablet not made of the cheapest plastic known to man by a Chinese knockoff company. And though it features a low resolution display and low end specs, it could still be a good option for some. It even includes a microSD card slot.

Unfortunately, the budget tablet has been delayed two months. Instead of launching in April, like they planned, the product page now says that it’ll be delayed until June. We aren’t sure how long people will wait for this device, considering that the successor to the Nexus 7 may come in the coming months. Are any of you interested in this device?

HP | Engadget

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