HTC Brags About The One During Galaxy S 4 Event

They’re announcing the Galaxy 4

HTC has been making a huge push into the phone market again, even if it means getting a little dirty. They’ve been trolling Samsung here and there, but this video (on their official YouTube) takes it a bit further. During the Samsung event announcing the Galaxy S 4, HTC reps went around Times Square showing off their new HTC One, complete with BoomSound and the Ultrapixel camera. Samsung, how does this make you feel?

HTC has been going to new levels to get publicity, but is it a good image for them? I mean, this stunt is smart but not offensive, but calling a phone destined to be incredibly popular “The Next Big Flop” is a little bold for a company that’s losing profits. But it makes for a good laugh! What do you think of HTC’s antics? Tell us in the comments!

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