HTC Myst Leaked, Next Possible Facebook Phone

The last Facebook phone wasn’t really too successful, as you can imagine. The HTC Status on AT&T (called the HTC ChaCha internationally) was a low end QWERTY phone with a dedicated Facebook button that was context sensitive and glowed when it could be used. But throwing a Facebook button on a low end phone does not make a good Facebook phone, and it seems HTC has learned their lesson.

These new leaked specs are allegedly the HTC Myst, the next Facebook phone. While the specs aren’t high end, they are actually pretty impressive, especially the display. It rocks a 4.3″ display with a 720p resolution, something we rarely see but is very appealing to those who like smaller phones. And with Jelly Bean, it’s decently modern.

But is anyone interested in a phone with a Facebook button? Is that single button enough to pull a person away from known brands like the iPhone or Galaxy S? We doubt that. HTC will have to put more in than a new button. The software suite shouldn’t be standard Sense UI. Hopefully we see what they will have in store for us.

Unwired View

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