HTC One Disassembled By iFixit, The Name Says It All

The HTC One has an aluminum unibody design that leads to a premium feel, but it has its major downsides. What happens if something breaks out of warranty? Or you cracked your display and need to replace it? You’ll have to do it yourself on any phone, but it has to be easy enough. iFixit decided to tear the HTC One apart to see how easy it is to repair.

And here comes the biggest downside of a unibody design with no visible screws: HTC’s flagship got a one out of ten, an incredibly low score. This is because they had to pry it apart, damaging pieces along the way. Also, the battery is buried under the motherboard, and the display is “nearly impossible” to replace. Yes, this phone is a mess in terms of repairability. Hell, even the iPhone display replacement is decently straightforward.

Now you may ask, “Why should I care?” Mistakes happen, you can drop your phone and shatter it. Maybe you dinged it, and aluminum is soft and gets big dents easily. What do you do next? If you can’t repair it yourself, take it to a repair store. They’ll charge you big money to repair a phone like this. As a long term investment, it may cost you more money than you bargained for.

But with a Galaxy S III, everything comes apart really easily. You can replace the display in under half an hour (I would know, I did it last week). It’s designed really well, even if the feel isn’t quite as premium. Each has its upsides and downsides, so you’ll have to choose. Does this change your opinion on the device? Leave a comment!


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