HTC One Launching In US Before End Of April, Earlier In Some Countries

With the HTC One gaining so much popularity, it has actually faced delays due to lack of parts. You can say that’s both good and bad, the good side being that they are facing some serious demand. However, people want to know when they can get their hands on the One. Well luckily, we have a timeline for release!

For the Americans (and most of Europe and Asia), the HTC One will be launching before the end of April. This means we only have one more month to wait! Unfortunately, that’s really close to the launch of the Galaxy S 4, so we hope that works out for HTC. And if you live in the UK, Germany, or Taiwan, you’re lucky. It should be launching next week! You guys get it almost a month earlier, and you should know that we are jealous. So the big question: How many of you are going out launch day and picking up an HTC One? Leave a comment!

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