HTC One Might Come To Verizon, But It’d Be A Few Months Late

A lot of people were really mad because HTC announced their flagship, the HTC One for AT&T, T-Mobile, And Sprint but not Verizon. Leaving out Verizon is a pretty huge deal in the US, because HTC would be missing out on a lot of customers. However, if this rumor is true, HTC will be releasing the device on Verizon. But it’ll be a few months late to the party, which is the last thing HTC needs. Neither HTC nor Verizon have said a word about this, but we dearly hope Verizon customers get a chance to buy this device. Or, knowing how much HTC needs a success, we hope HTC will have a chance to sell this device to all those people.

But who’s fault is it? Did HTC delay the device for whatever reason? Is Verizon delaying for modification’s sake? We know they like to neuter their devices (look at the software on the Verizon Galaxy S III). Whoever caused this, it’s a pretty big mistake. The Galaxy S IV comes out soon, and HTC needs to move a lot of units.


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