HTC Planning To Release Successor To Butterfly, Breaking A Promise?

The HTC Butterfly saw some good success around the world, where it sold so well, HTC faced shortages. We’re guessing HTC wants to capitalize on that success, as chief marketing officer of HTC Ben Ho said that there will be a successor to the device. It will share the Butterfly name, but aside from that, we know nothing else. Not specs, not release date, nothing.

However, this may be an instant disappointment. Did HTC not promise to have the HTC One as their only flagship? If they are going to be releasing another Butterfly, it should be high end (unless they want to dilute the Butterfly name like they did the Desire name). HTC, we dearly hope this isn’t another high end phone with specs competing with the One. A repeat of last year and every year before that is not what you need! Stick to one flagship a year, or differentiate the device with some sort of niche (like Samsung does with the Galaxy Note).

What do you guys think? Is HTC going back on their promise? Are they ruining their entire lineup by diluting it before the One is even out? Are you worried? Or is this going to work out fine? Tell us in the comments!

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