HTC Says No Plans For Verizon To Carry One, Droidified Version Perhaps?

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Some disappointing news hitting the interwebs this weekend for Verizon fans as a @HTCUSA tweet indicated Verizon has no plans to carry the HTC One. Interestingly enough, this tweet comes after a number of reports had indicated the exact opposite, including a Walmart doc showing a Verizon launch and an All Things D report also stating Verizon would carry the One. In other words, all signs had pointed to a Verizon launch up until HTC had to go and wreck dreams of Verizon customers everywhere with this tweet.

However, let’s not put this argument to rest completely, HTC did not say that a Droid-ified version of the One couldn’t come later. We know a device with the codename “DXPLUS” exists somewhere in Verizon’s systems. We also know its working with specs very similar to the One. With the knowledge that the DROID DNA on Verizon carried the codename “DLX,” it’s possible Verizon could be gearing up to launch the One as a DNA successor of sorts. DROID DNA 2 perhaps?

If there a Verizon version of the HTC One out there in the wild somewhere, we imagine both companies want it on store shelves as soon as possible. We truly hope that’s the case and to be honest, we don’t even care what name it launches with. Verizon can call it the HTC Potato and if comes with the same aluminum frame, camera and display of the One, consider us happy.


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