HTC’s Zoe Share Is Live With Many Zoes On Display

With the introduction of the HTC One came the new Sense 5, and with Sense 5 came a pretty unique feature called HTC Zoe. Zoe is a suite of software that takes video before and after you take photos, bringing stills to life. It also edits all these moments together into a collage and a 30 second video, complete with filters, a soundtrack, and automatic cuts. It creates a day of photos in one experience that you can share to Zoe Share, HTC’s social network of sorts for these Zoes.

Though the HTC One has not been released, Zoe Share has gone live. Here, you can see other peoples Zoes (really, it’s mostly HTC employees). Though it takes FAR too long to load in my opinion, it still ends up being a really cool feature. Here are a few examples:

As you can see (after that lengthy load time), it’s a pretty unique feature. We aren’t sure if it’ll take off, or if people will continue to use it a month after the release of this device, but it’s definitely a worthy feature in a flagship device. But what do you guys think of it? Tell us in the comments!

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