International 3G Version Of Galaxy Note 8.0 Goes Through FCC

While this is not destined for the US, the 3G version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has passed through the FCC with the same specs as the WiFi model, but with the added benefit of 3G 800/1900 MHz bands. The 1.6GHz Exynos quad core, 2GB of RAM, 4,600 mAh battery, GPS, and GLONASS remain. And with productivity in mind, it’s definitely a device that will be useful with 3G in it.

However, if you live in the US, this isn’t the device you will be getting. This is a global device, and that means it’s missing one thing you probably already have in your phone and can’t live without: LTE. Of course, we’ll eventually get LTE models for our US carriers, but it may not be for a while (look how long the Galaxy Note 10.1 took to spread to carriers). But in the meantime, let’s just envy our overseas brethren for getting the new stuff faster.

FCC | Engadget

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