MOGA Pro Gaming Controller Launching April 15th For $50

Fans of the MOGA are surely excited for the MOGA Pro. The MOGA controller was an awesome concept, a Bluetooth controller with a big grip that holds your phone, but it didn’t come without its fair share of issues. Not only was game support minimal (the drivers are proprietary, though there are other methods to get it working available), but it wasn’t all that comfortable. The level of comfort is great for its size and thinness, but someone like me with big hands wants something more.

The MOGA Pro is a full size controller with the same awesome grip that holds your device. It also adds a D Pad. Of course, the biggest draw is comfort and price. It will be launching April 15th for only $50, which is awesome for a Bluetooth controller with an adjustable grip (and that grip works incredibly well on the MOGA). Will you be getting one?


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