Nexus 7 Dock Finally Lands On The Play Store, Only Took 8 Months

In a surprising and unannounced event, the infamous Nexus 7 dock is now available on the Play Store! After endless months of waiting, seeing it on other sites, and daydreaming, it’s finally available to buy straight from the source. It is going for $29.99 and says that it’ll ship in 1-2 weeks, though it might ship much faster.

The dock itself is fairly simple, having pogo pins inside that press up against the contacts on the Nexus 7. On the back, there is a micro USB port for the charger and a 3.5mm out for audio. It holds the Nexus 7 at an angle, good for watching movies if you’re keen on doing so. It’s a simple but elegant accessory. Hit the source link if you want to buy it!

Play: Nexus 7 Dock | Android Police

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