NVIDIA Continues Teasing Project SHIELD With Riptide GP 2

As if we didn’t want NVIDIA Project SHIELD enough, NVIDIA goes ahead and puts up another video of it. This time, there is no shooting, blood, or gore. It’s all about Riptide GP 2, a racing game that trades tarmac for water as you race to the finish line, doing tricks along the way. This gameplay is supplemented by some beautiful visuals enhanced for the Tegra 4, with some enhanced water effects, reflection shaders, and just overall great graphics. Nothing short of what we expect from the Tegra 4.

Plus, with full controller support, we won’t have to wait for the SHIELD to play it. Hopefully the MOGA Pro will be released soon, I’m looking forward to it. But damn, do I want a Project SHIELD. What do you guys think of this tech demo? Does it make you more excited, or are you getting tired of waiting? Tell us in the comments!

Android Central

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