OUYA Consoles Are Now Shipping To Backers

It’s been a pretty crazy road for the OUYA console. Starting as a simple Kickstarter, it exploded into incredible popularity, and the team got working. They created an affordable gaming console with its own app store, and sent it out to developers in a special edition clear shell. Those developers gave a ton of feedback, and the team changed many aspects of the design to better fit the community. And now, finally, the Kickstarter backers are getting their consoles.

The OUYA team has announced that they are shipping the consoles out. People will be getting them every day over several weeks, so if you are a backer, keep your eye on that mailbox. And they have asked that you provide feedback once you have had a chance to play with it, because they want to improve it further for the final consumer shipments.

The whole post was one big thank you to the supporters, along with a bit of bragging about their 104 published games and 8,000 developers on board. Contrary to what many people thought, the OUYA seems to have a very bright future. And with a Tegra 3 in a non-mobile platform, it won’t be as weak as many thought. So what are your last thoughts on the OUYA before it officially launches? Were you a backer? Will you get one? Tell us in the comments!


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