OUYA Opens Store To Game Uploads

The OUYA store has been through testing for a while, but it is being reset. They’re starting fresh, and this is the real beginning. OUYA is now allowing developers to upload their game for review. After the review, it shall be published in time for the official launch of the mini console. I’d say getting your game to be a launch title is a pretty big deal!

Not only that, but if you publish your game before March 28th, you are entered into a promotion. The OUYA team will track what games are played most in the first six weeks the OUYA is out, and the top three games get their developers a short documentary about them. They will let you tell your story about the OUYA, the process of making games, publishing them, everything. It’s a great marketing strategy, giving exposure to both the OUYA and a few lucky developers.

Hit the source link for more information on getting your game on the OUYA, and if you’re a developer, you better hurry! You don’t want to miss out on the promotion.


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