Play Store Version 4.0 Shown Off, Nice And Colorful

The Play Store, Google’s rebranding of the Android Market and its other content sections, has been around for a while. Version 3.0 is nice and familiar to us. It’s fast and has a Holo theme, so we have no complaints. But soon, we may be getting a very big visual change. This is version 4.0.16 of the Play Store, leaked and somewhat functional.

The first thing you notice is that none of the colors are uniform. Each section has its own vibrant color with a nice texture. Now each type of content has its own unique look, despite being part of the same app. Also, a lot of the regular boxes have been replaced with Google Now-like “card” boxes. All the backgrounds are now white, in direct contrast to the dark home page of the current Play Store.

However, functionality has not changed much. Though things look different, the layout is very similar and you’ll feel right at home. One thing that did change is that they removed the “Keep shopping” page after every app install. Wonderful, right? The entire install process is now a popup instead of a whole new page. Now tell us, do you like the look? Are you excited to get this update? Leave a comment!

Hands on: