Pre-Order Your US Cellular Galaxy S 4 April 16th

If you’re planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 4, but you stay away from the big carriers, US Cellular has announced a chance for you to pre-order the device. And funny enough, it’s the same day AT&T scheduled theirs, on April 16th. To pre-order, you’ll have to sign up on their site to receive an email with the pre-order offer, or you can just visit the site on the 16th (a reminder is useful though). Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date or a price, so we don’t know what to expect going in. It seems that the Galaxy S 4 will generally be priced at $250 on contract, but US Cellular might drop that price. But if your heart is set on one of these devices, go for it! Hit the source link to sign up for the email reminder.

US Cellular

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