Rumor: Samsung Including Floating Touch And Green PHOLED Display In Galaxy S IV

There are only six days left before we get to see the Galaxy S IV in all its glory, and the rumors won’t stop. The newest rumors are about the display, and they’re quite interesting. They say that the Galaxy S IV will use a new form of AMOLED called “green PHOLED.” It uses a green-yellow color that makes the whole panel 25% more efficient. Such a boost in efficiency for the screen, a component which eats battery for breakfast, would be a great boost in battery life. Paired with a full HD resolution, it should be an amazing experience.

The other part to this is that the S IV will have floating touch. It will be like Air View with the S-Pen, but with your finger. Hover a finger over the screen and something will happen, like a preview of an album in Gallery. While not all that useful when your giant finger is in the way, it’s a cool feature that’ll definitely be appreciated at times. Do you like these features? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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