Rumored Google Shopping Express May Be Same-Day Delivery Service

If rumors are to be believed, Google is making its own same day delivery service called Google Shopping Express. Not unlike Amazon Prime, it’ll allow you to buy items and get them delivered extremely fast from physical stores. It would also be $10 to $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime, which is $79 a year. No store partners were mentioned yet.

This service would be a fantastic way of bridging current services like Google Shopping and Google Wallet. Sure, you can find products with Google, and you can buy some products with Google Wallet. But what if you could get it delivered using Google, have your shopping info in one place and have anything easily purchased and delivered? Considering how big Google’s influence can be, it’s an exciting proposition that would make Google Shopping infinitely more useful.

We hope this service launches soon, as it would make shopping (and spending large amounts of money) that much easier. Would you be interested in such a service?

Tech Crunch

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