Rumored Motorola, Google X Phone Specs Come To Light, Don’t Wow Us


Information surrounding Motorola’s rumored X Phone is a very well-kept secret, but according to a “well-placed individual,” Ausdroid has some of the goods. According to their source, the rear camera will sport 10 megapixels with unconfirmed reports of a 5 megapixel front-facing camera. A 5” 1080HD screen is also on the horizon, though the insider reports Motorola is having trouble securing a supplier for this size and may move down to a 4.7” 1080p HD screen if supplies are an issue. This last bit has us a little curious, it’s unlikely that Motorola would chance delaying a device for an unknown period of time due to last-minute design changes that would involve two vastly different size displays.

Barring those changes, the last bit of intel hints that a Qualcomm dual-core processor will be gracing the insides of the X Phone. Unfortunately, any hopes for a quad-core Qualcomm processor are dashed when requiring LTE compatibility.

When it comes to worldwide availability, the Ausdroid source has this to say, though the site encourages everyone to take it with a grain of salt:

The big news is that the X Phone as of last Friday is not going worldwide and Australia may miss out on the device due to market size. Motorola are only going in invest into countries that can guarantee a 25k sell-in of the device for the major carrier (Telstra in this case) which as yet Australia cannot commit to. Telstra will need to commit to this quantity as a minimum for the handset to come to market and as yet Telstra have only said they will commit to 15k maximum. If they don’t order the extra 10k, there will be no X-Phone in Australia. They also have only until end of this month to commit their orders so it’s looking very unlikely Australia will get the X-Phone.

So, take this intel at face value and certainly don’t marry it to existing or future rumors regarding the X Phone. We hope that Motorola’s on the ball with making the X Phone a “must have” device for all Android owners.



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