Samsung Introduces 11 New Accessories For The Galaxy S 4

If you were looking to compliment your soon to be purchased Galaxy S 4 with some awesome accessories, Samsung is prepared to serve you well. They’re really making a push with accessories (unlike Google with their Nexus line), and some of these accessories are actually pretty impressive.

The focus of many of these accessories is health, to be used with the new S Health application on the Galaxy S 4. Then there are a few cases, including the new S View Cover. It has a window in it to check the time without having to flip it open every time, saving you approximately 1.47 seconds per check (but seriously, this is pretty cool).

The coolest accessory here is the wireless Game Pad. It connects to your device using Bluetooth and a tap (using NFC) and supports devices from 4 to 6.3″. Does 6.3″ seem a bit specific to you? Maybe it’s the size of the Galaxy Note III? We can only speculate. But with shoulder buttons, dual analog sticks, and an Xbox 360 physique, it’s a pretty cool accessory I’m sure many would love to have. And with Samsung backing it and including controller-supported games in its own store, it will gain traction. And if that’s not enough, Samsung is actually delivering on the wireless charging promise this time!

Will you get any of these accessories? Leave a comment!


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