Samsung Says It Isn’t About The Materials But The Experience

Though the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 seems to be an amazing phone, people seem to have one problem with it: build quality. This isn’t to say that the build quality is bad in any way, but the choice in materials is not ideal to many. The device is fully made out of plastic, and if it’s anything like the S III, it has a magnesium inner frame. Then people look to phones like the HTC One and iPhone 5 and see a full metal body. Though plastic has its many advantages, there is no denying that metal just feels better in the hand.

But to defend their decision of plastic, Samsung’s design chief Dennis Miloseski spoke out.

“Actually, the global design process has been raised. We’re making devices thinner and lighter, screens more beautiful. With Samsung, it’s less about that but more about building a meaningful relationship with technology.”

The message he seems to be trying to convey is that materials don’t matter, the user experience does. They’re trying to connect the user and the device to make the usage more than just staring into a phone screen all day, and they’re doing this with innovative software. He says, “As the technology moves forward, we may find we’re taking these devices out of our pockets less and less, so you may see different form factors arising from that. I think over time, though, it’s all of our responsibilities not to put more layers of hardware and glass in front of our users. I think the evolution of mobile is moving closer to connecting people to people, and the technology moves out-of-the-way. There’s also room for mobile to change, to reconnect us with the world around us.” It’s an exciting prospect, to be able to use our phones without taking them out. S Glasses and S Watch anyone?

So Samsung considers the user experience and connection between you and your phone more important than perfect build quality. Because, let’s be honest, the Galaxy S 4 is nowhere near poor in build quality. But is it a worthy sacrifice? Premium materials would have been nice too. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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