Samsung’s Damages To Apple Reduced To Half, Trial For More Products In The Works

Last year, the biggest legal battle was between Samsung and Apple in the US, and it ended with Samsung having to pay Apple $1.05 billion. That huge sum of money has been reduced to less than half by none other than the infamous Judge Lucy Koh. Sometimes crazy and unfair, sometimes awesome and logical, it’s definitely been a fun ride watching this legal battle go down with Koh at the wheel.

However, there were a few devices the jury didn’t consider, so there will be a new trial for those devices and the damages Samsung will owe for them will be calculated later. It was supposed to be done at the end of this trial, August 25th, but the ruling was appealed and it had to be postponed until the appeals are completed.

Honestly, these legal battles are going nowhere. They’re being drawn out by lengthy appeal processes and just wasting money when they could settle. But what is happening is at least somewhat entertaining. What do you think of the situation? Leave a comment!


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