Sprint Galaxy S III In Purple Leaked, Just In Time For People To Buy The S 4

What’s the best time to release a new color of last year’s flagship? A few weeks before the new device comes out of course! The Samsung Galaxy S III is getting an exclusive purple paint job for Sprint, and leaked info says that it will be released mid-April. It’s definitely a good looking color, and I know at least a few people who would have loved a purple S III.

However, with the Galaxy S 4 being released late April, it’s hard to imagine most people going into a store and picking up an S III. However, the S III is still an extremely capable phone, and with the discounts it’ll get when the S 4 comes out, we have no doubt it’ll be a great “budget” device. And with a new color, appeal will not die. Do you know of anyone who would do well with a purple S III?

Twitter: evleaks

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