Sprint Starts Program To Allow MVNOs To Custom Brand Their Android Devices

We can’t imagine the job of an MVNO is easy. Piggybacking off of someone elses network, following their rules, and having to pick up your own devices to sell. Sprint is aiming to make it easier for the MVNOs on their network with the introduction of the Custom Branded Device Program. It allows MVNOs to brand Sprint devices and pre-load generic versions of their apps.

The program currently includes the LG Optimus G, LG Mach, and Sprint Flash (encompassing high end, mid end, and low end). A very solid set of devices. And the two apps they plan on preloading are Mobile ID and Mobile Zone. These are generic versions of Sprint ID and Sprint Zone, and while they are by no means amazing apps, they’re useful.

If this extends MVNO device lineups, we’re obviously all for it. Good on Sprint to make things better for everyone. What do you guys think? Do you use a Sprint MVNO? Do you wish your MVNO had a better lineup? Tell us in the comments!


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