T-Mobile Announces HTC One Coming Soon For $99 Down, Galaxy S 4 For May 1st

With T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier plans and LTE network announcement comes a new line of phones. T-Mobile has announced a few devices, but the ones we are most excited about are the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Two of the biggest Android flagships of the year are arriving on T-Mo, so you’ll have plenty of choice if you are switching (and now is as good a time as ever). The HTC One is said to be coming soon for a down payment of $99. The Galaxy S 4 has no announced price, but it’ll also probably be $99 (looking at the trends of the rest of the phones announced). The S 4 will be arriving to T-Mo May 1st, so put that into your calendar! As for the payment plans, they should be around $20 a month for 24 months. $580 for a phone sounds pretty good, huh? Are you excited for this change? Will you be switching?


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