T-Mobile LG Optimus G2 Found In GLBenchmark

A new device has been spotted in benchmark recently. That device is the LG Optimus G2, specifically the T-Mobile model, and the specs shown off by the benchmarks are really impressive. Not only does it have a 1080p display (with a 1794×1080 resolution, which could be indicating on screen buttons), but it will house a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Even though the processor is clocked at about 1.7GHz max, it is still a beastly combination that might outspec anything currently on the market (and anything being released in the next month).

It also shows off a build of 4.2.2, though the phone was previously rumored to launch with Android 5.0. Of course, it can’t be running software that has not even been announced, and such a new build is fairly impressive.

Of course, benchmarks can always be faked. But if this is real, it’ll be a really impressive device. LG just has to sell them. Are you excited to see what they have in store for us? Do you have faith in LG? Tell us in the comments!

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