T-Mobile Note II Getting Update With Enabled LTE

If you’re a T-Mobile Galaxy Note II owner, you’re very very lucky. You do not need to purchase a new phone to use T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE network, because yours will do just fine. T-Mobile is rolling an update out today that enables the internal LTE radios in the device, letting you take advantage of the blazing fast network that doesn’t yet exist in most places. So if you have your Note II around and it has 50% battery or more, check for updates in Settings > About phone > Software updates and get downloading!

About the LTE network, the speeds you see are fairly unrealistic. They come from a network that’s completely devoid of users so far, so when more people are on LTE, speeds will drop. This happened with all new LTE networks, and it isn’t a problem. But chances are that you don’t even have LTE in your area, so now we wait for T-Mobile to roll it out! They claim they will cover 100 million people before summer, and we’ll take their word. We’ll see which city is next!

TmoNews | LaptopMag | T-Mobile

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