T-Mobile Planning To Go Full “Uncarrier” With Elimination Of Contracts

It looks like T-Mobile is planning to completely revamp their company. If information is to be believed (and not change), T-Mobile is going to completely change how their company works, causing it to go “uncarrier.” So what big changes are going to happen?

Well first of all, contracts will be a thing of the past. No longer will you be stuck in a contract, unable to leave without paying massive early termination fees. You’ll be paying for service and will have the ability to leave anytime you want. Then, you’ll have new equipment plans. You’ll be able to buy devices for as low as $99 up front, and T-Mobile will let you pay the rest off with plans of $30 a month. Hopefully it’ll be a no interest type of financing, just to help you buy the device, instead of the way subsidization is on the bigger carriers.

There will also be a similar strategy to AT&T’s to advertise their two sets of “4G” networks. They will call it “Dual 4G” which refers to their newly growing LTE network and the fallback HSPA+ 42 network they have. As an AT&T customer, I can tell you how amazing a fallback network is to have. Dual 4G will be great.

Unfortunately for all of you who enjoyed T-Mobile’s commercials for the bike and NOT the girl, the bike is going to be retired. The “Stick Together” slogan will be retired too. Sorry, motorcycle enthusiasts.

Do you think it’s a good idea for T-Mobile to be changing? Do you like the direction it’s going in? Will this help them become more successful? I think so. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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