Team Hacksung, CyanogenMod Developers, Might Skip The Galaxy S 4

Team Hacksung became famous for getting AOSP ROMs to run on the original Galaxy S, a big feat which saved the device for many. Samsung was so appreciative, they sent the team a free Galaxy S II, and work on that began. They also worked on AOSP ROMs for the Galaxy S III, but soon things became bitter. Not only did Samsung have two variants to maintain, the Exynos and Snapdragon models, but the Exynos source was very broken. In fact, some features like vsync on the S II are still not working, making the builds not 100% stable even two years after release.

So what will they do about the Galaxy S 4?

Nobody at Team Hacksung (the team behind Galaxy S2, Note, S3, Note2, G Tabs… official CM ports) plans to buy it, neither develop for it. There are two variants which will be a pain to maintain, [and] the bugs we have on the S3 will probably be there on S4, too (camera), and we all know Samsung ability to release sources while staying in line with mainline. Yes Qualcomm releases sources, but Exynos sources we had were far from [working on] actual Galaxy products. I’m pretty sure the same will happen for this one.

That’s a uniform “no” from us.

However, CyanogenMod themselves have distanced themselves from this opinion. They just say they do not have the device, and Team Hacksung’s opinion is simply their own. We’ll find out if it’ll get CyanogenMod support sometime during launch. But if it doesn’t get that support, will it be a dealbreaker for you? Or can you live without possible AOSP support? Tell us in the comments!

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